I H8 Camera was called to life for occasions when one (or 2) of the Love Substitutes members would be absent and still there was a chance on playing.

I H8 Camera is a full 100% improvisation, and many guests appear on the stage.


IH8_vol2 IH8_herzberg_600 IH8_vol1

Seen playing with IH8 Camera:

Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Mark Meyers, Craig Ward, Jeroen Stevens, Elton John, Aarich Jespers, Pascal Deweze, Mauro Pawlowski, Bert Lenaerts, Simon Lenski, Teuk Henri, Rohal De Ridder, Heyme Langbroek, Gregory Frateur, Miguel Sosa, Billy Joel, Bart Maris, Ephraim Cielen, Chris Martin, Yuri van Uffelen, Thomas Noppe, Michiel Thijs, Frans van Isacker, Damo Suzuki.

I H8 Camera plays for the fun of playing, and hopes the audience has fun too.
In 2009 Craig Ward mixed together the results of 8 gig into 1 track of 53 minutes which has been released as CD Vol. 1. This CD is only available in limited edition through the Jezus Factory, and holds a very fine Rudy Trouvé designed cover & booklet (sold out by now).

It was followed by a live recording from a gig in Germany, and another mix of tracks by Craig Ward again.