The Rudy Trouvé Sextet was formed around Rudy Trouvé around 2001, by that time a quintet. Rudy’s biographie is huge, he was/is key-character of bands like Kiss My Jazz, Lionell Horrowitz, dEUS, Dead Man Ray, Rudy & the Wally’s and The Love Substitutes.

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Most of the songs are about his daily life, fear, love and boredom, these themes also re-appear in his paintings. Many of his musical compositions are referring to his extensive record collection, and he is mainly influenced by the Penguin Café orchestra, Tim Hardin, Pierre Henry, Brigitte Fontaine, New Order, , Rip Rig & Panic, Yo La Tengo and Bert Kaempherst.

Besides playing in all different bands on account of getting bored with a single style after a while, and thus keeping things fresh, Rudy was released solo in 2000 on ‘subsonic 6’, an album with him on one side, and Lou Barlow on the other (on the vinyl version, it also was released as a CD).
The album was released by the label ‘Rosa’.

This was merely a collection of old 4-tracks, and a few new ones for the occasion. The first true Rudy Trouvé band release on Heavenhotel was released May 2002, the single ‘une chanson’, which preceded the first full CD ‘1999-2002’.
By the next CD, titled 2002-2003 the quintet was upgraded to sextet::
Rudy Trouvé (guitar, voice) , Sigrid Van Rosendaal (trumpet, keyboards) , Aarich Jespers (drums), Elko Blijweert guitar, keyboards), Dimitri Daggelinck (bass), Geert van Bever (Guitar).

For the next release in September 2007 Joris Caluwaerts (piano) was added and once more the band was upgraded, and called the Septet.