I H8 Camera – Volume 2

Type: full cd – Released: 01-12-2011

Another mix of IH8 Camera has been released!
As with the first Craig Ward went through the taped, totally improvised concerts done between 2003 and 2008, and mixed the bits and pieces into an one-track CD.
It is a no skipping, browsing, you’re in for the ride, enjoy it kind-of-a-thing.

As with the 1st, this CD has not been released on Heaven Hotel, but is only available on limited edition through the Jezus Factory, which is an independent UK label who are great fans of Heaven Hotel releases.


The cover is a painting of Bert Lezy, who paints covers live, earlier also Dinosaur Jr and The Fall covers were done by him.
The CD comes with a 10×6 cm magnet sporting the cover.

The CD is exclusively for sale in the UK on the very friendly label Jezusfactory.

Tracks :
1 : IH8 Camera Volume 2

Musicians :
Aarich Jespers – Bert Lenaerts – Craig Ward – Elko Blijweert – Frans van Isacker – Heyme Langbroek – Jeroen Stevens – Mark Meyers – Mauro Pawlowski – Rudy Trouvé – Teuk Henri – Thomas Noppe – Pascal Deweze


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