Founded in 1992, like so many heavenhotel bands in the cellar of heavenhotel,
the house where Rudy, Jacki and Bassie lived.

First record released in 1996. Followed by a second in 1998. Third in 2001.

All releases:

gore_thesedays gore_crawling gore_girl_turtles gore_imitation gore_lisadrug gore_littleisenough gore_stop

Gore Slut plays traditional alternative guitarrock in the style of Dinosaur jr.,
Yo la tengo, Sonic youth, Jonathan Richman and Motorpsycho.

Dark and introvert lovesongs, covered in a wall of noise.

The chords “C” and “G” are all over.
Since 1999 also the “A” chord is used frequently.

Nowadays they even sometimes use the ‘D’.