Lionel Horrowitz and his combo were found in 1993 under influence of bands as Brigitte Fontaine, Sonic Youth, Penguin Café Orchestra, Mark Ribot, Fred Frith and an infant class.

lionell_aubain lionell_4children
Lyrics were taken from old magazines, dictionaries, the poems of Rimbaud, the stories of Trouvé.

The music goes from intro’s and outro’s to advertising-music for doubtfull products and stuff that could almost be popsongs in daily life.

You could call them a chamber orchestra for city-neurotics.

-Sandra Van De Craen: keyboards, bas
-Dirk Belmans: drums, effects, casio, vocals
-Dirk de Hooghe: sax, percussion, vocals
-Bram van Looveren: guitar, vocals
-Rudy Trouvé: guitar, vocals
-Dimitri Daggelinckx: bas, vocals
-Sigrid van Rosendaal: trumpet, vocals
-Heyme Langbroek: sax, trumpet, vocals