NOT a Heavenhotel get together, but a jezus factory release, a young label from the UK who are great fans of Heaven Hotel, and who relentlessly chased Craig, Mauro and Rudy untill they got the especially for them recorded tracks.
This CD holds 21 tracks, 2 very long ones of Craig Ward, 9 pearls of Rudy Trouvé, and 10 very interesting Mauro Pawlowski tracks.

Some reviews so you get an idea:
“Horrible. Electrifying. Brilliant.” MODERATE ROCK

“Fragile guitar-songs that seem to linger between dEUS and Jezus and Mary Chain.” CUTTING EDGE BE

“Mauro Pawlowski mixes fractured Beck style indie with bleeps beats and treats. The rhythm being murky and dark, yet the music hip and immensely cool. The vocals have a cool Jim Morrison would have been proud of. The guitars sounding like Gang Of Four recorded on a chewed up cassette. You could call this tinnitus rock.” PLASTIC ASHTRAY

“ …, quarrelling instruments & random muttering… Coltrane infected high intensity skronk!” TRAKMARX

“Hidden under the squalor of squeaking guitars and Mark E. Smith spat-out vocals lies a beat which longs to dance and come to the fore.” 10 out of 13. ROOM THIRTEEN

“Models of inspired home recording in a combination of lo-fi roughness and echo.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Noise-pop music as threatening storm.” SOUNDSLIKE BE

“Disturbed, intimate and introspective guitar songs.” RIF RAFF