other_dewezej’y pense et puis j’oublie
This=no joke. No wait. This=not a rebel single. We’re not even certain if it’s a single. It certainly won’t be included on the Star Wars Movie Soundtrack. It isn’t even included on the Deweze+Deweze album. There=no album. Just this one song for now.

It’s a cover of J’y pense et puis j’oublie by the French crooner Claude François. He wrote the French lyrics. He also co-wrote ‘My Way’. Yeah, we know.

He adapted ‘J’y pense…’ from an American song called ‘it comes and goes’ which was composed by Bill Anderson. Bill would really like this rendition of the song. Especially if he were still alive. It just might remember him of a little music by Gavin Bryers ‘Jesus blood never failed me’. No, there is no gospel choir, but stop ramblin’ and start gamblin’ the credits.

Deweze: vocal
Deweze: all instruments = backing vocal
Recorded in seclusion stereo in May 1999 by Deweze.
Mastered in Electric city.
Artwork by Cojones Metales+Deweze

I like the Bob Dillan one