POX – Down on your house

Type: full cd – Released: 28-03-2007

‘Cry Now’ and ‘Maybe Someone’ also appeared on the first demo. The latter was called ‘Stay Behind’ then.
‘Stay’ is a rerecording of the song found on the Jezus Factory compilation album. This is the poppy version.
‘Leave Me Like a Friend’ is an old song which I have been playing live with different line-ups, including Kiss My Jazz, but was never recorded.
‘Waiting ‘Till You’re Gone’ was covered by Zita Swoon during the brief period they were called Moondog jr. It can be found on their Everyday I wear a … album.

Album still for sale online at the Jezus Factory


Tracks :
1 : Waiting ‘Till You’re Gone 2 : Stay 3 : Maybe Someone 4 : No More 5 : Cry Now 6 : Walk Around 7 : Same Old Me 8 : Broken 9 : This Room 10 : Leave Me Like a Friend

Musicians :
Craig Ward – Mark Meyers – Rudy Trouvé – Dirk D’Hooghe – Koen Van de Camp – Jurgen Leclerq

Pox was formed in Antwerp in 2005 when Mark Meyers and Koen van de Camp decided they wanted to soup up the sound of their previous coöperation Plank. Jurgen Leclerq, an old aquintance and gitarist in Wall of Sweat, was asked to join on bass. After a couple of rehearsals with drummer Bekin Ratta, Rudy Trouvé joined the band. With this line-up a first demo was recorded. A decision is made to simplify the drum sound en Craig Ward takes to the drum seat.

ex-dEUS alt-rock veterans deliver a characteristically understated album that will haunt you for days. Honest, haunting, understated – three rare values indeed.
There’s something both beautiful and breathtaking about Pox yet disturbing and mysterious at the same time. Their honest approach to the studio, space, tone and reverb leaves the listener dazzled and in love.
What really makes this work though is its honesty.
Moderate Rock


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