“The drummer of the band is an asshole. Kill the drummer.
The keyboard player is despicable.
The singer is a twat.
Kill the band!

On the verge of a possible international breakthrough, Hey Bono, Fuck You Too, will give you a concert of a lifetime. Although this can not be guaranteed in a positive sense. The only certainty given is that band members will keep their clothing for the whole duration of the concert. At least, that is what is promised (No refunds possible if otherwise)

Expect music made with the most modern technologies, a lot of cables and an exceptional beautiful hunk on saxophone. No batteries needed (for the instruments), it’s all electronic and electrifying! We also offer moving images. In colour! Full surround and odorama included!

And of course Bono might be attending us for a duet.”

“It’s gonna be great. It’s the best” (D. Trump)

Drums/synth: Bono Engels
Vocals/synth: Bono Trouvé
Guitar/synth: Bono Van Uffelen
Sax/synth: Bono Sarens


Hey! Bono Fuck You Too will play their first ever concert at Het Bos this Thursday October 12th.