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The notorious ELKO B. presents a track from the dance performance SOLOKOLOS, highly influenced by his grandfather, World War 2 and Front 242


One of the more accessible songs from their forthcoming album “PIKDORSER”

SEK-TAH is a dub/postpunk three piece band

Marcel Vanthilt : vocals
Kloot Per W : bass & stuff

Rudy Trouvé : other stuff

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Show this weekend + Bandcamp update

Friday 4th March 2022, Heaven’s Basement will perform at De Muze in Antwerp

Musicians: Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Simon Dhaen, Eric Thielemans, Milan Warmoeskerken

Saturday 5th March Elko plays with Into The Open in Deinze

The physically sold out album by The Tone Zones is digitally released on

3 New Releases


1/The Horse Head Bed: Liquid Vinyl (CD)

2/The Groovecats Deluxe: Live At De Muze (10″ vinyl)

3/Dino And The Chicks: The Hoboken E.P. (EP CD)

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Fresh plans are being made in the Heaven Hotel.

1/ The Horse Head Bed are releasing a new full length CD called “Liquid Vinyl” beginning of October 2020.

2/ A 10″ vinyl of The Groovecats Deluxe called “Live At De Muze” will be released in November 2020. The Groovecats Deluxe are a free library rock jazz band feat. Elko Blijweert, Milan Warmoeskerken, Simon Beeckaert and Jeroen Stevens

3/ Dino & The Chicks will perform on 26th October in Het Bos (40 Jaar Radio Centraal)

Also check Rudy and Heaven Hotel’s facebook pages:

Two Rudy duos and a triple exhibition

Rudy Trouvé will perform in Antwerp today as well as tomorrow as half of two different musical duos.

Tonight, Thursday the 6th of June, he will play with beatnik extraordinaire Gunter Nagels as a support act for Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad at Arenberg in the city centre.

Tomorrow, Friday the 7th, he will play with keyboard wizard Walter Hus at Madam Fortuna in Borgerhout.

Furthermore, on June 26th he will take part in an exhibition with works by his brother Alfred Trouvé, Stef Kamil Carlens and – evidently – himself. The exhibition will run until the 13th of July at Museumstraat25 in Antwerp and feature a concert by iH8 Camera on Saturday 29 June.

Feel free to drag yourself to Facebook.

Dead Man Ray are back in business

As most of you may already know, 2018 just about ended with the very unexpected announcement of the imminent return of the legendary Belgian band Dead Man Ray.

After a 16 year hiatus, an ep titled “EEN” was released by PIAS records and is now available on vinyl at Morbus GravisFat Kat and Tune Up (Antwerp) as well as Bilbo (Leuven and online). According to the band’s Facebook page, more stores will follow.

Those not living in Belgium may consider ordering through our friends at the Jezus Factory.

If you would rather stream or download “EEN”, you can do so by clicking here.

Dead Man Ray will release a full album in March of 2019 and present it live at Brussels’ Ancienne Belgique on the 25th of April. Tickets are available here.

Dean Man Ray still is:

Daan Stuyven
Rudy Trouvé
Elko Blijweert
Wouter Van Belle
Karel De Backer


Happy New Year!