Two new concerts & a radio show

Two new live dates have been added to the Heaven Hotel agenda:

5 May: Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker at Haekem in Brussels

8 May: Heaven’s Basement (impro group feat. Rudy Trouvé), Blijweert/Van Isacker duo & Apocalypso Trio at Rotkat Sundays in Antwerp

Which makes your to see-list of the coming weeks look like this:

29 April: Rudy Trouvé, Roeselare
30 April: Rudy Trouvé, Arlon + Liège
5 May: Rudy Trouvé, Hasselt
5 May: Blijweert/Van Isacker, Brussel
7 May: Rudy Trouvé, Asse
8 May: Heaven’s Basement + Blijweert/Van Isacker + Apocalypso Trio, Antwerpen
21 May: I H8 Camera, Brussel

All details (and more upcoming events) can be found in the Tourdates section.

Here’s another Het Kralenspel radio show to start the weekend early:

Heaven Hotel gigs coming up

Quite some live activity in the upcoming weeks:


Rudy Trouvé will play solo in Roeselare (29/4), Arlon (30/4), Liège (30/4), Hasselt (5/5) and Asse (7/5).

On the 21st of May I H8 Camera will make their yearly appearance at Monk in Brussels as part of the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Find all info and details on any upcoming Heaven Hotel-related concert here.

Last chance!

Left Bank Drive (Elko B, Joris C, Simon L, Frans VI) will perform their last musical accompaniment to Wim Vandekeybus’ film Monkey Sandwich…

The situation is 23rd December 2015, NTGent.

NTGent Promo Monkey Sandwich the Film Live cover

Shows coming up!

14 NOVEMBER 2015, Antwerpen: EXPOSED MUSIC met o.a. Rudy Trouvé Trio met Elko Blijweert , Joris Caluwaerts & Rudy Trouvé!

Exposed Music facebook


21 NOVEMBER 2015, Antwerpen: FOREVER LOW met o.a. Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Capsule, Eriksson Delcroix…


28 NOVEMBER 2015, DE STUDIO, Antwerpen: DE NACHT VAN PAFKE met o.a. Rudy Trouvé, Bert Lezy, The Valerie Solanas, Circus Bulderdrang,…


Also check the tourdates section for upcoming shows by Gruppo di Pawlowski and Ultima Vez…