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Latest news
11-05-2014 :  Great news: Rudy has an expo at Bernaerts. From the 20th of May until the 25th you can discover some new paintings, drawings and videos.
Rudy will perform solo during opening night, which starts at 19.
Bernaerts, Museumstraat 25, 2000 Antwerpen.

04-04-2014 :  

Tape Cuts Tape
11/04/2014 Concertzaal De Casino, Sint Niklaas

Angels Die Hard
111/04/2014 Les Ateliers Claus, Brussel
19/04/2014 Record Store Day Tune Up, Antwerpen
20/04/2014 Kinky Star, Gent

The period Elko spends in Paris with Ultima Vez, he will be replaced by Milan Warmoeskerken (*)
FROEFROE – Repelsteeltje

04/04/2014 10u00 Koksijde - c.c. CasinoKoksijde
04/04/2014 14u00 Koksijde - c.c. CasinoKoksijde
05/04/2014 19u00 Sint-Truiden / CC
06/04/2014 15u30
16/04/2014 15u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
17/04/2014 15u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
18/04/2014 15u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
19/04/2014 15u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
21/04/2014 15u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
23/04/2014 10u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
24/04/2014 10u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
24/04/2014 13u30 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
25/04/2014 10u00 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
25/04/2014 13u30 * Antwerpen, Villanella/DE Studio
27/04/2014 15u00 Lokeren CC; PROLOCC vzw
28/04/2014 10u00 Lokeren CC; PROLOCC vzw
28/04/2014 14u00 Lokeren CC; PROLOCC vzw

Gruppo Di Pawlowksi

06/04/2014 Rotown, Rotterdam
08/04/2014 Vooruit, Gent
09/04/2014 Ancienne Belgique, Brussel
10/04/2014 De Kreun, Kortrijk
11/04/2014 De Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen
12/04/2014 Merleyn, Nijmegem
13/04/2014 Mezz, Breda
26/04/2014 Ekko, Utrecht
17/05/2014 4AD, Diksmuide
21/05/2014 Vera, Groningen
22/05/2014 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
30/05/2014 De Spot, Middelburg
14/06/2014 The Underworld Camden, London

Eriksson Delcroix

17/04/2014 * De Roma, Antwerpen
19/04/2014 * Record Store Day, Bergen op Zoom (De
Waterput) - Antwerpen (Coffee & Vinyl) -
Gent (De Vooruit)
12/06/2016 Nijdrop, Opwijk
20/06/2014 Plazeyfestival, Koekelberg

Ultima Vez – booty looting

Théâtre de la Ville, Paris
16/05/2014 De Grote Post, Oostende
23-24/05/2014 Trafó, Budapest

TAPE CUTS TAPE LIVE this thursday
01-04-2014 : This thursday TAPE CUTS TAPE live at the Studio Antwerpen. Check out this real great band featuring Rudy Trouvé, Lynn Cassiers and Eric Thielemans...
01-04-2014 :
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Lots of HeavenHotel and HH-related stuff going on... Time for a heads up.
28-03-2014 : Ever busy Elko B is currently thriving in different projects at the same time. Catch him on stage the following months with either The Tone Zones, Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Froe Froe, Ultima Vez or Erickso
...more >>>

23-01-2014 : The first gig in a very long time for The Love Substitutes.
The line up has changed though, Mauro Pawlowski will play bass and Eric Thielemans will play the drums, alongside Rudy Trouvé and Craig
...more >>>

21-01-2014 : Much praise for our new release. Join the unique experience that is Angels Die Hard and buy the vinyl only album now through our webshop!
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ANGELS DIE HARD - eponymous debut album on sale from January 17th on
28-12-2013 : Heaven Hotel celebrates the new year in the most typical way a record label can - with a release!
Rob, Alex and Thomas form the new band called ANGELS DIE HARD.
Watch the video, directed by
...more >>>

Upcoming releases in 2014
28-12-2013 : Besides the aformentioned Angels Die Hard album, 2014 will most likely release several other albums, none of which we can confirm as of yet, but from as soon as we can, we will - obviously.

...more >>>

Tip Toe Topic & Joris Caluwaerts...
23-12-2013 : ... will play live at Stockholm S in Antwerp on 25th december! Accompaniments of silent movies by George Meliés like this...

...more >>>

Left Bank Drive - album coming soon
20-09-2013 : Elko Blijweert and Joris Caluwaerts made the original soundtrack for ‘Monkey Sandwich’, a film by Wim Vandekeybus. The movie tells the story of a troubled director who is haunted by his guilty conscie
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