Three new additions to our Bandcamp page

Our Bandcamp page is expanding slowly but surely: three rare tapes have just been added. One contains a recording of a 1997 concert by Gore Slut in Nandrin, another the collaboration between Rudy Trouvé and Intige Taluure and the third is the cassette version of the soundtrack to “Screen” (which is stil touring as we speak!). Head over to to stream for free and/or buy a physical and/or digital copy of whichever release(s) tickle(s) your fancy.  

Watch “Chicago” video – go see “Screen”

Rudy Trouvé’s and Simon Allemeersch’ fantastic music theatre video play “Screen” is on tour now! Have a look at our Tour Dates page and be sure to go see this spectacle in a town near you. The Screen Show Band (Elko Blijweert, Warre Borgmans, Gunter Nagels, Mauro Pawlowski & Rudy Trouvé) made new (Dutch-sung) versions of some old Robert Johnson songs. Check out the video for one of those songs (“Chicago”) right here:  

Heaven Hotel on Bandcamp

Trouvé/Blijweert/Pawlowski’s “Screen/Crossroads” and the complete Angels Die Hard discography are now available for sale through the Heaven Hotel Bandcamp page. Visiting this page gives you the opportunity to stream these albums for free and/or buy a digital and/or physical copy. All other in-print Heaven Hotel releases are still available through this website’s “Releases & Shop” page (for now).  

Two new Heaven Hotel albums coming September 17th

We are very happy announce the imminent release of not one but two great albums, both coming out on September 17th through Heaven Hotel. First up (alphabetically speaking, as both albums – as mentioned before – are coming out on the same day):   Angels Die Hard – Sundowner (Heaven Hotel – HH 1801) Angels Die Hard‘s long-awaited (and superb) third album is finally being released on September 17th through Heaven Hotel and Jezus Factory Records. It will come out as a deluxe limited coloured vinyl edition of 300 copies and will also be available digitally. Who else can explain…

1 trailer, 1 teaser, 1 music video, 2 interviews and 2 disclaimers (but not in that order)

Elko Blijweert is this year’s curator of the Exposed Music festival. Learn all about this unique event featuring Roland Van Campenhout, Bjorn Eriksson, Dennis Tyfus, Milan W. and many more by watching the trailer below. More information and an early peek inside tomorrow’s magic can be obtained by watching the interview/report on Antwerp’s local tv channel ATV here. Caution: the video is Dutch spoken and features Flemish folk dancing.   The Mechanics (Evrard, Hiele, Pawlowski, Thielemans, Trouvé) announce their debut album by presenting its first video. Listen to and watch “Out Of Lovetown” below. You can learn more about The…

Rudy Trouvé puts together Heaven Hotel all-star band, names them De Muzikanten

Which means The Musicians, obviously. They are playing at Het Oude Badhuis in Antwerp tomorrow. Het Oude Badhuis presenteert: De Muzikanten 7 topmuzikanten (uit o.a. DAAU, The Colorist, Dead man Ray, Broken Glass Heroes,…) onder leiding van Rudy Trouvé spelen een avond muziek. Wat ze spelen, wordt beslist op de avond zelf, door Rudy, door de sfeer, misschien wel door u. Maar goed gaat het zijn. De muzikanten van dienst zijn: Jeroen Stevens, Aarich Jespers, Pascal Deweze, Elko Blijweert, Milan Warmoeskerken, Roel Van Camp en Rudy Trouvé. Een avond vol plezier maar vooral heerlijke en verrassende muziek. Stuivenbergplein 38, 2060…


“The drummer of the band is an asshole. Kill the drummer. The keyboard player is despicable. The singer is a twat. Kill the band! On the verge of a possible international breakthrough, Hey Bono, Fuck You Too, will give you a concert of a lifetime. Although this can not be guaranteed in a positive sense. The only certainty given is that band members will keep their clothing for the whole duration of the concert. At least, that is what is promised (No refunds possible if otherwise) Expect music made with the most modern technologies, a lot of cables and an…

Monsieur Trouvé solo en France ce samedi

Rudy Trouvé is playing a solo concert with visuals in Mollans-sur-Ouvèze this Saturday. The internet teaches us this is a place in the south of France not far from the famous Mont Ventoux (and only a 10 hour drive from Antwerp city). If you’re willing to make the trip, or happen to be nearby, you can find more information about the event on Facebook.

Rudy and Elko announce plenty of gigs

It’s been a while since this website has been updated. Apart from this webmaster, no one has been sitting still though. As always, plenty of exciting Heaven Hotel projects are in the pipeline and interesting live shows keep occuring more than ever before. First up is a solo acoustic gig by Rudy Trouvé tomorrow 15th of June at CoSta in Antwerp. According to the venue’s website, there’s the possibility to ask questions and even make song requests! Listing all of Elko’s many upcoming (solo and other) shows here would sure be handy, but that’s what the Tourdates section was invented for. Oh and…

Rudy Trouvé and Jeroen Stevens get up early this Sunday

Rudy Trouvé and Jeroen Stevens will play as a duo for the first time ever this Sunday morning at C-Mine in Genk. They will accompany several actors in a piece about people’s favourite years. It seems like a highly interactive event which starts at 11 am. Heaven Hotel family friend Jeroen Stevens has been curating the “Musician’s Choice” series at Filmhuis Klappei for a while and would like everyone to know about tomorrow’s event. Said event consists of Dutch underground legend Meindert Talma playing a very rare Belgian solo gig, followed by a screening of the British cult film “Withnail & I”. Here’s the…