Heaven Hotel powerhouses prepare for imminent solo triumphs

Coming up are two (2!) rare solo appearances by Elko Blijweert, both in Antwerp. Rudy Trouvé proves to be even more prolific as a solo artist these days by announcing no less than four (4!) gigs in the same city.

In the meantime Elko is still performing live with renowned dance troupe Ultima Vez alongside Mauro Pawlowski, Jeroen Stevens and Tutu Pouane. Check out one (or more) of their rare Belgian performances at Vooruit in Gent, where the “Speak Low” spectacle can be admired for three nights in a row starting today.

Elko Blijweert solo:

  • 5 June: Stadslimiet, Antwerp
  • 11 June: Het Bos, Antwerp

Rudy Trouvé solo:

  • 3 June: Het Bos, Antwerp (live soundtrack to the film “Ixe”)
  • 4 June: Klappei, Antwerp (live soundtrack to the film “Zoo”)
  • 9 June: Trix, Antwerp (support Few Bits)
  • 1 July: Het Bos, Antwerp (in dialogue with photographer Anton Coene)

Ultima Vez – “Speak Low When You Speak Love”

  • 2-4 June: Vooruit, Antwerp

All information, links, addresses etc. can be found in our Tourdates section.

Looking back on last weekend, looking forward to the future

Last Saturday I H8 Camera played a memorable Jazz Marathon show at Café Monk in Brussels. Some video proof can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

Equally memorable times were provided by Tip Toe Topic – see them jumping in slo mo here – and Angels Die Hard – check out their slo-shredding here – the day after on the Tenace boat.

The very same boat will be sailing to Brussels soon, inviting, among others, aforementioned impro collective I H8 Camera to perform on their brand new location.

A short overview of this and other upcoming Heaven Hotel-related events:

  • 2, 3 and 4 June: “Speak Low If You Speak Love” (an Ultima Vez dance production with live music by Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens and Tutu Pouane) at Vooruit in Gent
  • 3 and 4 June: Rudy Trouvé solo at Het Bos and Klappei in Antwerp
  • 12 June: I H8 Camera at Tenace in Brussels

More information about all these shows (and more) can be found in the Tourdates section.

A shorter than usual Kralenspel radio show:

Angels Die Hard present new LP at Tenace boat + I H8 Camera in Brussels

A festive Heaven Hotel weekend is ahead.

This Friday, Angels Die Hard’s new LP “Mood Ring” will be out through Heaven Hotel, Jezus Factory and Sonic Rendezvous. On Sunday, the trio will present it live on the Tenace boat with Tip Toe Topic supporting.

The day before that I H8 Camera will play their yearly Jazz Marathon show at Monk in Brussels. The line-up this time consists of Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens, Hugo Antunes, Teuk Henri and Lennart Van Praet.

All details concerning these events can be found in the Tourdates section.

You can listen to the brand new Angels Die Hard album track “Goona Goona” by scrolling to the 1h15 mark in the radio show widget below.

Two records and a tape

Angels Die Hard – “Mood Ring” (Heaven Hotel / Jezus Factory / Sonic Rendezvous)

The release of the forthcoming Angels Die Hard record has been postponed to 20 May. If you can’t wait that long, we advise you to click this link and enable YouTube’s auto-repeat function (if such a thing indeed exists).


Various Artists – “Tenace On Tour – An Expedition Through The Undercurrents Of Belgium” (Rotakt Records)

This beautifully packaged compilation LP is already out and contains, apart from 23 tracks recorded live in 2014-15 on the infamous boat Tenace, an integrated board game! Limited to 500 numbered copies, it features the following Heaven Hotel (related) artists: Frans Van Isacker & Elko Blijweert, Apocalypso Trio and Tenace Orchestra.

You can buy this gem through this link (LP or digital) or, from Wednesday 18 May on, at Tune Up Records (Melkmarkt, Antwerpen). The most exciting way however is to call or text Mme Belga (0486/10 87 64), find out where the boat is anchored and pick up your copy there – no joke.


Rudy Trouvé – “The Rimbaud Tape” (Luik Records)

Even more limited is Rudy’s freshest solo cassette on Luik Records. Only 100 copies were made, so my humble advice would be not to sleep on it and order it at the label’s website or, of course, The Jezus Factory.


Keep checking this website for more upcoming releases.

The Tone Zones are playing in Deurne tomorrow

Indeed it is time to get ready for a rare Tone Zones live appearance at Salle Jeanne, Turnhoutsebaan 1-3, 2100 Antwerpen tomorrow evening 11 May.

If you’d rather listen to Elko’s soothing voice instead of his (and of course Milan’s) wild guitar playing, go ahead and click the “play” button below for today’s radio show.

Weekend of Heavenly pleasures / extra long radio show

Four Heaven Hotel-related events coming up this weekend (which starts on Thursday, of course):

5 May: Rudy Trouvé, Hasselt
5 May: Blijweert/Van Isacker, Brussel
7 May: Rudy Trouvé, Asse
8 May: Heaven’s Basement + Blijweert/Van Isacker + Apocalypso Trio, Antwerpen

More info in the Tourdates section.

Here’s a three-hour long radio show to keep you entertained in the meantime.

Two new concerts & a radio show

Two new live dates have been added to the Heaven Hotel agenda:

5 May: Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker at Haekem in Brussels

8 May: Heaven’s Basement (impro group feat. Rudy Trouvé), Blijweert/Van Isacker duo & Apocalypso Trio at Rotkat Sundays in Antwerp

Which makes your to see-list of the coming weeks look like this:

29 April: Rudy Trouvé, Roeselare
30 April: Rudy Trouvé, Arlon + Liège
5 May: Rudy Trouvé, Hasselt
5 May: Blijweert/Van Isacker, Brussel
7 May: Rudy Trouvé, Asse
8 May: Heaven’s Basement + Blijweert/Van Isacker + Apocalypso Trio, Antwerpen
21 May: I H8 Camera, Brussel

All details (and more upcoming events) can be found in the Tourdates section.

Here’s another Het Kralenspel radio show to start the weekend early:

Heaven Hotel gigs coming up

Quite some live activity in the upcoming weeks:


Rudy Trouvé will play solo in Roeselare (29/4), Arlon (30/4), Liège (30/4), Hasselt (5/5) and Asse (7/5).

On the 21st of May I H8 Camera will make their yearly appearance at Monk in Brussels as part of the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Find all info and details on any upcoming Heaven Hotel-related concert here.